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This landmark handbook brings together the fundamentals of counselling children and young people theory, research, skills and practice. With chapters contributed by leading experts and academics in the field, this book is essential reading for trainees and practitioners working with children and young people . 

I authored Chapter 9, Referrals and Indications for Therapy. 


de la Prida ,A. (2014) Referrals and Indications for Therapy in Pattison et al (2014) Handbook for Counselling Children and Young People, London : Sage.




Let Food Be Thy Medicine

I am an integrative therapist, and I work with art and a range of creative media in therapy. I have long been fascinated by the power of art to heal. I have always had an interest in food and over the last year I have discovered something interesting. I have discovered that food as art, can be a powerful healer.


Article published in The Counsellors Cafe 



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MindEd is an excellent free educational resource for parents and professionals. I have published three online sessions on the following topics; 

Entering the Frame of Reference 

Communicating Empathy

Establishing a Therapeutic Relationship





My current research interests are in cyberpsychology and the therapeutic implications of technology. 


2014 A Qualitative Study of experiences of using digital technology through using an iPad in therapy. (MA Dissertation, University of East London)

2006 How was it for you? A heuristic exploration of female therapists experience of sexual feelings occurring within the therapeutic relationship with male clients. ( BA Dissertation, OUVS/Havering College)