is it just a phase?

Parents can sometimes find it hard to know if a child's difficulties are part of a phase, a developmental stage or something that needs more help and support. Young people can also find it hard to know, and can find it hard to ask for help.

As a rule of thumb you  know your child well, and if you are concerned about how they are it is probably worth having a chat.

Experiencing mood swings, anger, and challenging boundaries are all part of a healthy developmental process. If there has been a  trauma or significant event that impacts their lives, like a death or divorce, or a child is acting out in ways that are beyond what’s considered normal for them or their peer group then they may benefit from counselling support. 

The list on the right might help you decide, and you can also find more information and resources from the MindEd and Young Minds websites by clicking the buttons below.

Alternatively please do give me a call, I'm always happy to have a chat. 


     Signs Your Child May benefit from Counselling

    • Experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event
    • Significant changes, such as divorce
    • Unwarranted aggression
    • Bullying
    • Incontinence
    • Depression 
    • Experiencing or witnessing abuse or domestic violence
    • Frequent nightmares and sleep difficulties
    • Unexplained drop in grades 
    • Persistent worry and anxiety
    • Withdrawing from activities they normally enjoy
    • Difficulty socialising
    • Feeling isolated
    • Loss of appetite and dramatic weight loss
    • Performing obsessive routines like hand washing
    • Expressing thoughts of suicide
    • Talking about voices they hear in their head
    • Increased or unexplained physical complaints 
    • Self-harm or self-injury such as cutting
    • Drugs and alchohol