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I offer a range of  services to organisations, and can write and deliver bespoke training, CPD and consultative solutions. 

I also teach the certificate course in Person-Centred Art Therapy, and have a CPD programme with an exciting range of workshops for professionals.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
— Henry Ford

I am a qualified lecturer and have been have been lecturing, training and writing courses since 2005.  I have had a number of professional and academic roles including at ; NCUIL University London, Glyndwr University, Anglia Ruskin University, and Havering College and have been an examiner for ABC Centra, and AQA. I have worked on various projects for the BACP including Counselling MindEd, Professional Education Development Panel, and Good Practice Guidance. I am also an author and have published a chapter in the BACP Handbook of Counselling Children and Young People.


person centred art therapy skills certificate

The therapeutic use of art can enable deep growth and healing and this course will allow you to develop the skills and self awareness you need to work safely with one of the most powerful methods of working.

This exciting course created by Liesl Silverstone, and validated by Person Centred Art Therapy Association  is delivered in small groups over 6 intensive weekends.

Art training is not required, and this exciting course and is open to anyone who works in counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, educational, therapeutic, social work, youth, medical settings or any other supportive setting.

A Diploma course is also available for those who hold PCATS Certificate.     

The next course starts in October 2019- interviews and information sessions will be held through the summer months. Please email for more information or click below.                                                                        


CPD Programme 

For anyone working in the helping profession, continuing professional development is important, and for counsellors and psychotherapists it is an ongoing requirement. CPD can open you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas.  

I have worked as a lecturer, and trainer delivering CPD for several years, and I understand the value of creating learning that is exciting, experiential and relevant.

Previous workshops include, ‘Working with Angry Children’, ‘Art and Creative Methods’, “Sexual Issues in Therapy’ and ‘Working with Addictions’, ‘Working with Art’, “Avoiding Burnout – caring for self’,  ‘Digital Media is friendly’ and “Scape-coat”. 

My workshops are held in Brentwood in small groups to allow for a supportive learning experience.  For information of upcoming workshops in 2019 see below or email me for details