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I teach the certificate course in Person-Centred Art Therapy, and have an exciting programme of CPD workshops and retreats days.

I also offer a range of  services and can write and deliver bespoke training, CPD, psychological wellbeing events and consultative solutions for organisations. 

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
— Henry Ford

For anyone working in the helping profession, continuing professional development is important, and for counsellors and psychotherapists it is an ongoing requirement. CPD can open you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas.  

I also run a series of Wild Women retreat days inspired by the work of Clarissa Pinkola-Estes and Women Who Run With The Wolves.

I have worked as a therapist, lecturer, and trainer delivering courses, workshops and events for several years and understand the value of creating learning that is exciting, experiential and relevant.

I’ve worked with NCUIL University London, Glyndwr University, Anglia Ruskin University, and Havering College and have been an examiner for ABC Centra, and AQA. I have worked on various projects for the BACP including Counselling MindEd, Professional Education Development, and their Good Practice Guidance resources. I am a budding author and have published a chapter in the Sage Handbook of Counselling Children and Young People.

My workshops are held in Brentwood in small groups to allow for a supportive learning experience.  For information of upcoming workshops and events please see below or sign up for my newsletter.                     

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This is an amazing intensive experiential course that enables you to develop skills for working therapeutically with art in a variety 
Please contact me or visit the Person-Centred Art Therapy Association website for further details.

If you’d like to find out more why not come to a FREE taster session? 
PCATs Taster and Information session; • On Saturday 28th July 10.30am-12.00 pm FREE
Brentwood, Essex. booking essential 
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person centred art therapy skills certificate

next intake January 2020

An exciting experiential course

The therapeutic use of art can enable deep growth and healing and this course will allow you to develop the skills and self awareness you need to work safely with this gentle yet incredibly powerful ways of working.

This amazing course was created by Liesl Silverstone, and is validated by the Person Centred Art Therapy Association. It is delivered in small groups over 6 intensive weekends.

Art training is not required, and this course and is open to anyone who works in counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, educational, therapeutic, social work, youth, medical settings or any other supportive setting.  The course is practical and you will work on your own images each weekend in order to to deepen your self awareness and develop your art therapy skills.

Some of the feedback I received from previous PCATS courses...

" The course is clear and engaging, and the assessment process is truly empowering!”

“An amazing course delivered by experienced tutors with genuine passion and skill, I can honestly say I have learned more about myself on this course than I di throughout the there years of my counselling training’

“The learning is so powerful, and the skills I have developed has opened up a new direction in my career. The course and tutors are so supportive, I cannot recommend this course highly enough”

Taster sessions and interviews will be held through August and September, see below for dates.

Please email for more information or click below.                                                                        

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Scape-Coat full day Retreat Workshop

Saturday 21st September 9.30am - 10pm

This workshop day is a deeply healing and nurturing experience.

"A scapecoat is a coat that details in painting, writing, and with all manner of things pinned and stitched to it all the name calling a woman has endured in her life, all the insults, all the slurs, all the traumas, all the wounds, all the scars" Women who run with Wolves

Following the work of Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, I invite you to create a scapecoat, working creatively within a supportive group to provide the opportunity to access your inner 'wild' self, and to draw on feminine archetypal knowledge and wisdom.

The day is scheduled to last for 12 hours, ending with a celebration and a shared feast of nurturing food.

    Some of the feedback I received from last years Scapecoat Retreat Day...

"For me it was a truly amazing day. The environment you offered enabled me to sink back into the womb. The music, the food, the drinks all held and nourished me while I went back to my battles to sing over the bones and to then birth (bring new life to) my healing"

"The love, support and respect in the room created a very special space. It was a privilege to be a part of such a powerful and empowering day."

“What a special day! Once again I am blown away by the strength of women, and I am proud to be a woman!"

Cost £135. All creative materials, coat, refreshments, lunch, and dinner will be provided. A CPD certificate for 12 hours will be supplied.   

Places are limited and need to be booked in advance so that I can arrange for coats and materials. If you're interested, please get in touch ASAP.



person centred art therapy skills

taster sessions-Free

Friday august 16th 7-8.30 pm

Saturday August 17th 10-11.30am am

saturday september 7th 9.30-10.30am

Art therapy is an effective way to develop self-awareness, work through difficulties and improve mental health.

This is an amazing intensive experiential course that enables you to develop skills for working therapeutically with art in a variety of settings. 

Students learn in a small supportive groups, engage with skills practice, feedback and will produce a portfolio. There is a ratio of at least 1 tutor for every six students which enables regular observation and feedback to support your learning.

Come along and find out more at a free taster session.

Cost FREE Booking essential

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working with collage

saturday september 7th 11am - 5.30pm

Collage is a simple and accessible way of working with art that doesn’t require drawing or painting. For some clients who may not feel confident in drawing collage can be a great way for them to express themselves creatively without feeling the pressure of making a realistic drawing.

In this CPD workshop we will consider the potential benefits of working with collage, in with a range of mediums including digital media.

This is an experiential workshop where you will work with various creative materials creating art work.

For those who have not worked with collage this is an opportunity to explore a new creative technique, to develop your confidence facilitating a wider range of materials and to increase the range of materials you can offer to clients.

Cost £75. Booking is essential

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sowing the seeds - full day retreat workshopS saturday 21st March 9.30am - 6pm

A day to inspire and nourish.Spring is a time of new energy and growth. It is a time to sow seeds, and a time of cutting back old wood to allow healthy buds to grow and flourish.

 What seeds do you want to plant this season? What do you need to cut back in your life to allow for growth? What nourishment does your ground need in order to feed your growth?

Inspired by the work of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes from “Women Who Run With The Wolves”, our tools will include meditation, dreamwork, and art making. Working creatively within a supportive group provides an opportunity to access your inner 'wild' self, and to draw on feminine archetypal knowledge and wisdom.

The day is scheduled to last for 8 hours, and includes a shared lunch of nurturing food.

Cost £99. A CPD certificate for 8 hours will be supplied.



understanding the digital context of therapy

2020 date tbc 9.30am -5.30pm

We all live in a digital world, and as therapists we need to be able to understand the impact of technology, what clients are doing, why and how it affects mental health.

Cyberpsychology is relevant to all age groups, but more so to children and young people. Understanding potential differences between digital natives and digital immigrants is key to effective therapy in our digital world.

Therapists live in a digital world too, and we also need to consider our digital presence, digital interactions and potential impact on clients both positive and negative.

This CPD workshop is designed to help you understand the digital context of your clients, digital activities and begin to formulate a digital policy around your practice.

Cost £95. A CPD certificate for 7 hours will be provided